Top 10 Best DSLR Cameras of 2015

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If you are a serious photographer like me, you will want to buy a camera with interchangeable lenses. However, with the many brands on the market, choosing the best Dslr camera can take you weeks or even months especially if you are a newbie. Although compact systems have continued to earn popularity in the modern world of photography, some people still prefer using the Dslr camera. Today, we bring you a comprehensive review of the top 10 best Dslr cameras of 2015.

1) Nikon D810

Nikon combines sky- high resolution with a solid construction to bring a camera that you will fall in with repeatedly. The camera has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5pfs and maximum video resolution of 1080pfs. The handles of the camera look great making it good for sports, action as well as wildlife photography.

2) Canon EOS 5DS

If you have been looking for a Dslr camera that sets new standards when it comes to photography, then you should consider Canon EOS 5DS. The 50.6 megapixel camera has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5fps. With a maximum video resolution of 1080p, this camera will rarely disappoint.

3) Nikon D7200

Nikon D7200 is a powerful and versatile camera that offers excellent results. It has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 6fps and maximum video resolution of 1080P. If you want a quality camera that will not fail you, consider Nikon D7200.

4) Sony A77 II
The superfast AF plus the high shooting speeds clearly shows the potential of Sony Cameras. With a maximum continuous shooting speed of 12fps and 1080p, this camera is ideal for any sport. The features and prices of the camera make it great for any professional photographer.

5) Canon EOS 7D mark II

With a maximum shooting speed of 10fps and maximum video resolution of 1080P, Canon EOS 7D mark II is the best professional auto focus system that you can buy. The alloy body as well as the weather-sealed controls makes it stand out from the other models on the market. Its powerful video camera makes it ideal for any occasion.

6) Canon EOS 6D

EOS 6D is yet another powerful camera designed by Canon manufacturers. The 20.2 megapixel camera features a maximum shooting speed of 4.5 fps and maximum video resolution of 1080p. In case you want a cheap full frame Dslr camera, do not hesitate to place an order to this device

7) Nikon D750

Nikon D750camera has 24.3 megapixels, maximum continuous shooting speed of 6.5 fps and maximum resolution of 1080p. Designed mainly for professional photographers, the camera is highly versatile when compared to other Dslr cameras.

8) Nikon D3300
It is clear that Nikon is one of the best manufacturers of Dslr camera in the world. Nikon D3300 has a maximum shooting speed of 5fps and maximum videos resolution of 1080p. The camera is the perfect choice for beginners.

9) Sony A58

Despite its cheap pricing Sony A58 camera has a number of features that will impress you. The full frame camera has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 8fps and maximum video resolution of 1080p.

10) Pentax K-S2
Pentax K-S2 is the best alternative to the powerful Canon and Nikon cameras. The camera has a 3 inch articulating monitor, maximum continuous speed of 5.4 fps and maximum video resolution of 1080fps.

Best Accessories for Your Smartphone in 2015

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smartphone accessories list

So, you bought a new smartphone but it looks just the same as other thousands of same models that are there in the market. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your smartphone and eye catcher, then you should consider customizing your smartphone with various accessories in the market. These accessories are the only thing that will make your phone unique and actually make it stand out from the  crowd. Accessories make your phone different and that’s what makes it more recognizable and actually yours.

But there are thousands of types of accessories available in the market that can be useful, but there are some that are just useless. In this post we are going to talk about the best useful accessories for your  smartphone that are cool and are actually very useful. These are the accessories that are in trend in the year of 2015 and could be very useful for your smartphone. SO, without wasting any further time, let’s begin with the list of best accessories for smartphones in 2015.

smartphone accessories list

  1. Selfie Sticks
    Selfie sticks are the newest thing to hit the smartphone world in 2015 and its spreading like a storm. Selfie lovers must buy this accessory to up their selfie game and take cooler and much better selfies. They are pretty cheap and makes a great smartphone accessory.
  2. Power Banks
    With all these huge screen smartphones and a bunch of features that consume more battery, this accessory, that is a power bank has become a necessity to every smartphone user. These power banks come in various designs and power capacity. Remember to choose a power bank with at least 5000 mAh or higher with cool design. These could prove to be life savers for travelers.
  3. Back covers and Bumper
    To give your smartphone a more personalized look and feel, use a back cover of your favorite football club or superhero, to make it look stylish as well as save it from breaking when it falls. These days, bumper cases are also getting popular as they protect the smartphone from corners which were known to be the first part that broke when a smartphone fell.
  4. Teacup
    This accessory will make your smartphone look super cool plus protect your smartphone’s audio jack from getting dusty or wet. This is a small pin which comes with various cool designer tops that fits in the 3.5mm audio jack of your smartphone while you are not using and gives your phone unique look.
  5. Shrub Keychain
    This is a new trend that is going viral. Imagine having a small plant attached to the keychain with your smartphone. It’s not everyone’s thing but it is a unique trend that is actually spreading.


These were the best smartphone accessories of 2015. These are the newest trends in the smartphone accessory world. Tell us which accessory you already have and which ones you liked the most from our collection.